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Best Way To Save Money

Using Wedding Floral Centerpieces On A Budget

Flowers are absolutely beautiful. They are especially beautiful in weddings. Brides choose beautiful blooms to accent the theme or ambiance of the wedding. Some famous weddings have spend hundreds of thousands on flowers, and even normal people can find themselves spending several thousand dollars on flowers for the wedding. In Reality flowers can be very expensive. Here are some tips to using wedding floral centerpieces when working with a budget.

Wedding Floral Centerpieces: What Is In Season

Just like fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers have a specific season. It can be very expensive to try to get strawberries during the winter, for example. The same is true about certain flowers. When choosing wedding flowers, many brides just think about what looks pretty. They forget to think about what is in season and what these out of season flowers are going to end up costing them.

The best way to save money while using wedding floral centerpieces is to use the flowers that are already in season. Instead of having an expensive flower imported—therefore rising the price significantly, Ask the florist what flowers are in season and would look good in your wedding floral centerpiece. If you do not feel comfortable asking the florist, look up online what blooms in your specific area and when.

Use Carnations

Many brides think that they need expensive flowers to make their wedding beautiful. However, this is not true. You can easily use less expensive flowers in your wedding floral centerpiece and still have it look beautiful. Two great filler flowers are carnations and baby’s breath. Baby’s breath is great for rounding out a wedding floral centerpiece and tying the pieces together. Carnations are excellent because, from far away, they almost look like roses. And even when people see that they are not roses, they are still very beautiful flowers to put in your wedding floral centerpiece.

Be Resourceful

Another great way to get some beautiful wedding floral centerpieces for cheap is to be extremely resourceful. If you are decorating your wedding location, for example, bring the floral decorations from the wedding to the reception. You can use these as wedding floral centerpieces instead of having to go out and buy something new! For your own table, you could use your own bouquet for a wedding floral centerpiece. Do not worry—I am not recommending giving away your bouquet! Instead, place it in a clear vase at your table. Voila! A beautiful wedding floral centerpiece.