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Blue Jeans

Have Your Wedding in the Grand Canyon

There is no site that is more stunning and awesome in its majesty than the Grand Canyon. This all-American sight is the perfect place to say your nuptials. There are a great many ways to say, "I do" when you plan your wedding in the spectacular Grand Canyon, and you have an unlimited number of weddings from which to choose. Due to the enormous size of the canyon that was many millions of years in the making,there are many choices of views and even whiich state where to stay. If you can't make a decision, why not have your wedding and stay right in the Grand Canyon.


The Grand Canyon West Ranch has private pine cabins to stay in or you can select an authentic Indian tipi. Onechoice is to take a helicopter in then take a horseride from the helicopter and have the wedding at the ranch. If you choose to spend the night somewhere else , you will still have that option. Because this is your special day, you’ll want to dress in your wedding attire with simple bridal jewelry and have only the beauty of the walls created by Mother Nature to compete. Of course, after the wedding, if you stay at the ranch, get ready for a cowboy evening and put on those blue jeans and cowboy hats.


The Grand Canyon West Ranch isn’t the only spot to marry. There are great buys nearly everywhere with extravagance also. Fly in by helicopter and marry your intended on the cliffs overlooking the canyon. There are several choices to fly out of but Las Vegas and Sedona are two popular destinations to depart or return to. Again, these weddings allow you to select the most appropriate clothes and bridal jewelry to fit your vision, but every bride wants to look her best. Gentlemen, take note. This is a great chance to buy your love some jewelry to catch the sun and reflect the light back with the beauty of an azure sky and the background of the colorful walls of the canyon. Go back to your prior destination and stay at the enchanting city of Sedona or experience the luster of Las Vegas.


While there are places to stay at the north, south, east, and west rims, the most developed area is the south rim at Grand Canyon Village. The south rim of the canyon is one thousand feet lower than the northern one and also much less wet. The north rim gets 12 inches more of rain each year and averages 63 inches more of snow. The precipitation plays havoc on the north rim so it shows more erosion. It will also be colder because it is higher. The southern rim is visited more often but the north rim may be better on the hottest days because of its more moderate climate. Ther is also a variation in their views, with the south rim having more plants that are found in the high desert.


Stay at one of the hotels along the rim of the Grand Canyon and use the services of the hotels for your wedding. As you start your honeymoon, There are many different ways to begin your time as husband and wife. Take a burro or mule ride down to the bottom of the canyon and spend the night. Some of the rides offer a stop at cabins with gift shops and lookout points for those fabulous shots. The hotel at the bottom offers a cowboy meal of steaks and a second option of more steaks.Choose to stay the night or be prepared to spend four hours riding back to the top after your lunch. Keep in mind that there are weight and health restrictions for the ride down. Dress warmly in the winter because you'll be leading your animal down through a snowy path. You'll need several layers most time of the year as the weather gets warmer the closer you get to the bottom. A journey into the center of the canyon will always be an experience that you will never forget.