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Your Questions About Wedding Planning Guide

Joseph asks…

step by step guide to wedding planning?

anyone have a step by step guide to planning a wedding?
And how much do wedding planners cost?

SYW site man answers:

You can register online for a wedding planner or buy you a wedding planner.

Here is another site with a good wedding planning checklist

Betty asks…

Fool proof guide to wedding planning?

Can anyone advise of a good uk website / book where I can find some advise on planning my wedding / things that need thinking about? I’ve got loads of time as not planning on marrying this year but I know that time will slip by and there just seems to be so much! Any suggestions would be great.

SYW site man answers:


try this site hun, it’s full of tips and advice, and it’s a uk supplier directory so it has huge listings for eveything you will need and you can break it down into the region you live in so you can find your local stockists and suppliers.

Hope that helps hunny. Xxx


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Nancy asks…

Has anyone heard of US Event Guide Wedding Planning?

I am trying to find the out if US Event Guide is legit so I will not waist my money on their course. Did anyone get certified through them or heard of them in any way. They seem well and all but I can’t seem to find a BBB review on them. Someone please help!!! Thanks
thanks so much Jennifer. : ) I feel that I would try them ..Wish me well

SYW site man answers:

I had never heard of them before I read your question. So, I googled them. I was able to find their site and their BBB rating, which is A+. The problem is that I have no first hand experience with them nor do I know anyone that has experience with them.

Mandy asks…

Wedding Planning Guide?

I’m getting married in about 6 weeks, where can I find a good list of things that I should be doing between now and then?

SYW site man answers:

When I got married I searched under wedding guide, step by step. It brought up dozens of lists, It took me about 10 minutes to find one that was reasonable, printed it off and I had a check list down to the minute before I walked down the isle. It didn’t cost a dime. Good luck and happy wedding day!!

John asks…

Best How To guide to planning a wedding?

I was just wondering what I could go on the internet or what I could buy to help me start planning for my upcomming wedding in 2010. Thanks for taking the time to help me with is issue.

SYW site man answers:

I bought this planner at Target for our wedding. It was great, included sections for addresses, who had responded, who got invited to which events…checklists, places for all your vendor info and all wedding party atire, folders for random slips, even graph paper to draw out seating. The whole thing was about twenty bucks and I used it more than any other tool during the whole planning process. Also, the Martha Stewart weddings magazine always came with a very detailed, tear out checklist. Good luck. You have a ton of time so don’t stress, just enjoy it and make sure things are how you want them first.

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Centerpieces for Weddings Ideas

In any wedding reception party, wedding centerpieces play a very important role in determining the mood of the party and it is also a reflection of the taste of the couple. Before you move to a final plan for centerpieces for weddings, you must consider the theme of the wedding and also your budget. You can also consult a florist or a wedding planner to get some innovative ideas. But the idea you choose needs to go with the theme of the wedding. But you should not worry if you have a limited budget. There are really many cheap ideas available which can really make excellent centerpieces for your weddings. In addition, you must also consider what type of surroundings you are looking for and also what size of tables you are going to use in the reception.

Depending on your budget and theme you can have a lot of ideas for centerpieces in wedding reception. You can decorate it with flowers. Though many flowers are available in the market, before choosing a flower you must see that it is available in that season and it suits your budget. There are many inexpensive flowers available in the market that may suit your budget and also the theme of the wedding.

You can also make the centerpieces with fruits. You can decorate them with colorful fruits that may look great. If you can add fruits like citrus, it has got a beautiful smell and your guests will really feel charmed. The fruits can be kept as a whole or they can be cut and decorated in pieces, whatever you want. The proper color combination of the fruits may present a very elegant atmosphere to the wedding.

You can also decorate the tables with vegetables in the same manner. You can make different designs using the vegetables and create many wonderful centerpieces for your wedding. This is really an inexpensive idea, but at the same time, will add beauty to your guest tables. For this purpose, you can choose asparagus, artichoke or even green beans.

Using candles is another wonderful idea of decorating the centerpieces of weddings. Candle is such a beautiful option that it goes along with any budget or any taste. It helps to create a very romantic atmosphere, if the wedding takes place in the evening. If the wedding hall is dimly lit and if you can add some flowers to the decoration, then using candles as centerpieces for weddings will have a long lasting impact on your guests.

But you can make great centerpieces if you are planning to get married in fall. The weather is cool and you can get a lot of beautiful flowers at that time. If you are planning a beach side reception party, the centerpiece colors have to be bright and vibrant. It is wise to use sunflowers as the focus flower and can have some carnations and golden rod to add more colors. If it is a Mexican theme reception food, you can add some peppers that may go well with the centerpiece design.

Bravo Wedding Planner: Time Schedules and More

Without a doubt, wedding occasions require a great deal of planning and forethought before they can become successfully executed. There is a need to keep track of the places one visits, the vendors that are interviewed as well as keeping track of various offers made. You also need to sign a contract. All this will require keeping a good planning book in which to file information and which should act as a guide in the organization of the wedding that one desires. For the best in weddings, one may need to be informed about good wedding planners and the name of the Bravo wedding organizer should easily come to mind.

A Front Runner in Reliable Wedding Planners

The Bravo wedding planner and organizer is certainly the front runner when it comes to picking a reliable name in wedding planning and organizing. This is a three-ring binder that is able to save on flyaway papers, and it also has place to store business cards. The timeline sheets are appealing and brides-to-be find it especially helpful. The Bravo wedding planner also has place for listing questions that need to be asked off vendors and because these are so helpful, they pay back the cost of the planner several times.

The Bravo wedding planner contains, among other things, a detailed time schedules as well as checklists that include ticking boxes against individual events such as announcing engagements, printing and mailing engagement announcements. Other important events one can tick when completed include selecting a wedding date and time, deciding on ceremony and making an appointment with the clergy to reserve the location where the ceremony is to take place and also conduct rehearsals, if required.

The cover of the Bravo wedding planner is especially striking and it informs the user that there is everything included within pertaining to a wedding such as calendars, time schedules, contracts as well as lists that can be used for delegating duties. It is touted to be a professional and step-by-step system that enables the user to keep track of every detail related to making the wedding occasion a resounding success.

On the back cover of the Bravo wedding planner, is detailed all of the features that this wonderful book contains and one can easily find that all aspects related to the wedding are covered and use the table of contents to located particular features. One can easily purchase the Bravo wedding planner at online stores or at a local bookstore where this wonderful aid to wedding planning, is sure to be in stock.

Choosing a Cozumel Wedding Planner for a Romantic Getaway Wedding

Cozumel Wedding Planner Packages

Many Cozumel wedding planners offer combination packages; for example the ceremony it self might be free with a certain number of hotel accommodations paid in full, or with a certain length vacation.This can be a terrific package for people who would like to have a tropical honeymoon.Other packages are strictly for services rendered, for example, the ceremony including translation, and legal documents; or flowers, reception, and photography.  A bride and groom should be careful to read the small print before jumping on any free wedding packages, as the cost to get the free wedding might be more than they were expecting to pay.

Why Choose Cozumel Wedding Planner?

For a beautiful romantic wedding on the exotic island of Cozumel, in the Mexican Caribbean, it seems only logical to hire a Cozumel wedding planner; a local will know all the best locations, the best caterers, the best photographers, and where a bride and groom can get the correct documentation.   A Cozumel wedding planner will also know all the local laws and could be an invaluable resource for all your wedding and vacation needs.Many Cozumel wedding planners have free information and pre-registration right on the internet and can accommodate even last minute weddings.

What Do Other Brides and Grooms Think?

Many couples who have gotten married on the beautiful island have credited their Cozumel wedding planner with the ease and enjoyment of the entire process.Many have gone as far as to say it was the most romantic wedding they had ever been to, the breath taking scenery combined with the stunning flowers and gourmet delights available are the makings for a perfect wedding, and what a beautiful way for a bride and groom to begin their lives together.

Large Wedding Parties and Honeymoon

Cozumel wedding planners often specialize in only weddings; some however are also travel agents. For couples which are inviting several members of their family to attend the ceremony, a Cozumel wedding planner could help to get discounted rates for a large party, or at least get all the guests on the same flight and in the same hotel.Additionally if a couple were also honeymooning in Cozumel or one of the local islands, a Cozumel wedding planner would be able to find lots of fun things for the bride and groom to do on their Caribbean getaway.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown

Choosing a wedding gown as a wedding planner is a very important process, one that a bride gets incredibly excited about. It’s one of the most fun aspects of preparing your wedding. Even if your wedding planner doesn’t know what dress you want to get, they’ll be able to help you out so that the wedding gown you choose will be memorable for the rest of your life. So with this in mind, it’s one part of your wedding you do not want to wait until the last minute to plan. With that in mind, here are some tips, straight from the mind of a wedding planner that will help you start your search!

It’s likely that your gown will take about 4-6 months to arrive after you’ve ordered it. So start looking for the perfect gown EARLY! You’ll want to order it as soon as possible so you can have ample time for fittings and alterations well before the BIG DAY. It will take a while to find the gown, so don’t underestimate it. Each fitting and alteration will take ample amounts of time.

You should sit down and plan out your dress budget with your wedding planner, keeping in mind that there are several things to buy like jewelry, accessories, gloves, veil, and other clothing.

Make sure you try your dress on because they don’t look like they do hanging up! So try on several gowns. You might find that a gorgeous gown on the hanger might not flatter your figure as you’d hoped. Never choose a gown without trying it on!

Ask your wedding planner or store staff to help you out with any questions you may have. They are there to help, and more than likely, they’ve sold hundreds of wedding dresses to women like you. In addition, when you speak with the wedding planner or staff, it will give them a good idea for what you are looking for.

Don’t make the mistake of ordering a gown that is “only one size smaller” than your usual size. It’s much cheaper to order the right size, instead of ordering smaller with the promise to yourself that you’ll lose weight before the wedding.

Grab your wedding planner when your dress arrives at the store, and make sure to look at it at the store. Try the wedding dress on there before you pay for it.

While trying the dress on, view all angles. Finding something you don’t like at the store is much easier to fix than finding it once you get home, so make sure you tell your wedding planner or store staff any imperfections that you find. More than likely, they will be able to alter and fix the problem.

As a wedding planner who does several weddings per month, I wish you the absolute best luck in your wedding gown search!