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Your Questions About Wedding Planning Guide

Joseph asks…

step by step guide to wedding planning?

anyone have a step by step guide to planning a wedding?
And how much do wedding planners cost?

SYW site man answers:

You can register online for a wedding planner or buy you a wedding planner.

Here is another site with a good wedding planning checklist

Betty asks…

Fool proof guide to wedding planning?

Can anyone advise of a good uk website / book where I can find some advise on planning my wedding / things that need thinking about? I’ve got loads of time as not planning on marrying this year but I know that time will slip by and there just seems to be so much! Any suggestions would be great.

SYW site man answers:


try this site hun, it’s full of tips and advice, and it’s a uk supplier directory so it has huge listings for eveything you will need and you can break it down into the region you live in so you can find your local stockists and suppliers.

Hope that helps hunny. Xxx


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Nancy asks…

Has anyone heard of US Event Guide Wedding Planning?

I am trying to find the out if US Event Guide is legit so I will not waist my money on their course. Did anyone get certified through them or heard of them in any way. They seem well and all but I can’t seem to find a BBB review on them. Someone please help!!! Thanks
thanks so much Jennifer. : ) I feel that I would try them ..Wish me well

SYW site man answers:

I had never heard of them before I read your question. So, I googled them. I was able to find their site and their BBB rating, which is A+. The problem is that I have no first hand experience with them nor do I know anyone that has experience with them.

Mandy asks…

Wedding Planning Guide?

I’m getting married in about 6 weeks, where can I find a good list of things that I should be doing between now and then?

SYW site man answers:

When I got married I searched under wedding guide, step by step. It brought up dozens of lists, It took me about 10 minutes to find one that was reasonable, printed it off and I had a check list down to the minute before I walked down the isle. It didn’t cost a dime. Good luck and happy wedding day!!

John asks…

Best How To guide to planning a wedding?

I was just wondering what I could go on the internet or what I could buy to help me start planning for my upcomming wedding in 2010. Thanks for taking the time to help me with is issue.

SYW site man answers:

I bought this planner at Target for our wedding. It was great, included sections for addresses, who had responded, who got invited to which events…checklists, places for all your vendor info and all wedding party atire, folders for random slips, even graph paper to draw out seating. The whole thing was about twenty bucks and I used it more than any other tool during the whole planning process. Also, the Martha Stewart weddings magazine always came with a very detailed, tear out checklist. Good luck. You have a ton of time so don’t stress, just enjoy it and make sure things are how you want them first.

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Bali Wedding

Bali is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on earth to get married in.  Not only is the island situated in one of the most picturesque locations, the Balinese people and the service that they give makes it a wonderful place for a marriage and honeymoon.  Almost all of the Bali Hotels that are way more aimed at deluxe and luxury accommodations will offer wedding services. 

With it being such a popular honeymoon and marriage destination you will find lots of wedding planners that can look after all the Bali Wedding arrangements for you.  The single thing that you’re going to need to provide is your marriage color range and paperwork.  The majority of the forms will be finished by these firms, but there are a few things that you are going to need to arrange for yourself.  The most significant document you want when getting married in Bali or any Indonesian country is a Certificate of Non Impediment ( CNI ).  This basically states that there is no legal reason why you should not be allowed to be married ; you’ll need this if you’re a foreign couple marrying in Bali or are foreigners marrying a Balinese national. 

You can apply at your local government office for this and it is wise to get as much formalities processed in your own country as you can as the process can be quite drawn out if you do it in Bali.  There are lots of delays in Balinese central authority departments and even though the majority of them do talk English it can be extremely trying sometimes.  Except for the CNI there is other paperwork that you will need, but if you use a marriage planner then they generally include processing all necessary documents in the assorted Bali packages that they offer. 

Apart from the air fares and guests that you are paying to attend your marriage, the quality layout of your wedding reception that you can expect will be very reasonable compared to what you would normally expect to pay for such luxury.  There truly is no limit as to what you can have arranged for your wedding reception and the sole limitation is the size of your budget. 

When getting married in Bali there is no need to bring anything except for your documents.  Classy marriage dresses can be made for you in a matter of a few days as well as all the bridesmaids’ outfits at a massive saving without the need to bring them over on the aeroplane and risk them getting lost or damaged.  It is actually best if you employ a wedding planner to do all this for you, all you will need to do is relax on the beach and remember to turn up on the marriage day.  Bali Holiday Packages and wedding packages will include everything that is required in organizing your marriage. 

Once the marriage is over you can choose from thousands of Bali hotels and villas to enjoy your honeymoon.  As a marriage and honeymoon locale, Bali must be one of the finest places to hold the event.  Possibilities are if this is your first trip to Bali and you are marrying, you will wish to make it a regular family vacation destination from that day forward.  Very few people visit Bali once and never return it just has such a lot to offer a western traveller.

Your “Special Day” Budget For Your Do It Yourself Wedding

There are a number of ways you can save on your wedding day with do-it-yourself ideas. Wedding planning can be stressful and expensive. The more hands-on you are in your event, the better. A bride who is looking for that perfect and memorable day can start by rolling-up her sleeves. Save on wedding plans with a do-it-yourself mentality.

Do it yourself, and you can create a wedding that you have always dreamed of. You don’t have to settle for what is available from wedding stores or planners; instead, make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Your style will shine through the work you have done at home.

Find aspects of the reception that aren’t high priority for you and your groom, and move your budgeted money into areas you find more important. If you have always wanted a huge four-tiered cake, but never cared much about invitations: Do-it-yourself! Create the invitations on your personal computer with specialty paper from the craft store. Take this idea a step further by matching the paper to your name tags, guest book sign, and guest list. Little personal touches can not only save money, but show your personal style.

Don’t let a long to-do list stress you out. Do-it-yourself wedding planning is a perfect opportunity to call on all those bridesmaids and relatives. Host a small party at home for your bridesmaids. Pull out some food and drinks for your guests, and together they can help stuff envelopes or vote on reception songs. Not only will your wedding party help everyone get to know one another better before the big day, but you’re putting them to work. Time with your closest girlfriends will relieve stress, and it’s a great way to get some feedback on any planning ideas you need help with.

There are a number of great ways to save on wedding planning, through do-it-yourself ideas, friends, and family.

Bravo Wedding Planner: Time Schedules and More

Without a doubt, wedding occasions require a great deal of planning and forethought before they can become successfully executed. There is a need to keep track of the places one visits, the vendors that are interviewed as well as keeping track of various offers made. You also need to sign a contract. All this will require keeping a good planning book in which to file information and which should act as a guide in the organization of the wedding that one desires. For the best in weddings, one may need to be informed about good wedding planners and the name of the Bravo wedding organizer should easily come to mind.

A Front Runner in Reliable Wedding Planners

The Bravo wedding planner and organizer is certainly the front runner when it comes to picking a reliable name in wedding planning and organizing. This is a three-ring binder that is able to save on flyaway papers, and it also has place to store business cards. The timeline sheets are appealing and brides-to-be find it especially helpful. The Bravo wedding planner also has place for listing questions that need to be asked off vendors and because these are so helpful, they pay back the cost of the planner several times.

The Bravo wedding planner contains, among other things, a detailed time schedules as well as checklists that include ticking boxes against individual events such as announcing engagements, printing and mailing engagement announcements. Other important events one can tick when completed include selecting a wedding date and time, deciding on ceremony and making an appointment with the clergy to reserve the location where the ceremony is to take place and also conduct rehearsals, if required.

The cover of the Bravo wedding planner is especially striking and it informs the user that there is everything included within pertaining to a wedding such as calendars, time schedules, contracts as well as lists that can be used for delegating duties. It is touted to be a professional and step-by-step system that enables the user to keep track of every detail related to making the wedding occasion a resounding success.

On the back cover of the Bravo wedding planner, is detailed all of the features that this wonderful book contains and one can easily find that all aspects related to the wedding are covered and use the table of contents to located particular features. One can easily purchase the Bravo wedding planner at online stores or at a local bookstore where this wonderful aid to wedding planning, is sure to be in stock.

The Essential Traits for Becoming a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners have a very demanding job as they are responsible that everything goes according to plan on the most important day of a couple’s life; a day which they hope to remember and cherish forever. Therefore becoming a wedding planner is not an easy task but definitely a very rewarding job, which will bring you great satisfaction and monetary benefits.

Here are some of the requirements and points to ponder before you decide on becoming a wedding planner.

Your Personality and Qualifications

There is no specific qualification required by law in order to be a wedding planner. However, it is highly recommended to train with local wedding planners or wedding consultants before you decide on becoming one. Training with a local wedding consultant will cost you between $750 and $1500 depending on the company you are training with but it will be very helpful in your future activities and be a contributing factor in your success.

Becoming a wedding planner however requires a very strong character and the ability to work under pressure as there will be more than one occasion when things will not run as planned. You will need to make the right decisions fast without panicking and also without altering the wedding plans.

In order to become a successful wedding planner, you need tremendous organizing skills and coordinating abilities. You need to be able to foresee what may go wrong and most times have a back up plan for it. After all, you are dealing with the most important day of a couple’s life and if you ruin it there is absolutely no way to rectify your mistakes, and therefore, there is no place for error.

Things to Prepare as a Wedding Planner

Becoming a wedding planner will require you to let others know that you are offering these services and the only way to do it is to prepare a portfolio with the services you can provide and in due course the weddings that you have organized as well as references of the couples as well.

Advertising will in the end be key to your success and even though the word of mouth is what will get you the most amount of jobs it is important that you have a professional approach and provide as much data as possible to all those interested through a brochure and if possible a website too. The key to becoming a wedding planner that is successful and thus, in demand will require tremendous people’s skill, professionalism and ensuring that all jobs are done exactly as per the requirements of your clients.