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Wedding Thank You Postcards

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You have come to the right place!

To say thanks with a wedding thank you postcard or even more lasting a wedding thank you photo postcard.   Wedding thank you photo postcards provide you and your family and friends a lasting memory to keep with your other memorable treasures.

Photos help express your feeling of thanks in a special way than do just words alone.  Select that photo to go on your wedding thank you postcard, send it on to us.  Our professional designers will lay out  your postcard and you will see and feel the connect as will your recipients.

Here are three tips for writing your own Wedding Thank You message:

  1. Remind the recipient what you are thanking them for,
  2. Make it short, sincere, and to the point,
  3. Make it personal.

These tips along with a photo can enhance the message by giving a personal feeling to the postcard.   Remember that the back of the postcard only has room for a short, sincere, to the point thank you note. These guidelines will help you accomplish your goal.

Here is another wedding thank you postcard example: (with a happy cowboy)

wedding thank you postcard front side with happy cowboy

wedding thank you postcard back side


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